A design for life

When you’re sick and/or disabled every single day is a hurdle you have to jump over just to get to the next hurdle. Welfare is meant, at it’s most basic level, to protect us from poverty. It is for food, warmth and shelter. Ideally, It is also meant to make our life easier. To pay for the medication that we need to take in order to stay alive. To pay for the extra care we need. To help us fund multiple hospital visits. To give mobility to those of us that are able to drive, and to pay for taxi’s/trains for those of us who can’t.

This government wants to demolish this financially support, and with it our independence, health and dignity.

Being poor is not a choice. Being too ill or disabled to work is not a choice. Having to have antipsychotics injected into my arse regularly is NOT A CHOICE. It is not a lifestyle choice, easy way to get out of having to work. People think we don’t work for our benefits but that’s a lie, we fucking work our arses to the bone. We work like Hell not to commit suicide on a weekly basis. We work like Hell to get out of bed every day. We work like Hell to bathe regularly. We work like Hell to eat regularly. We work like Hell to fight off our paranoia and delusions. We work like Hell in therapy, going into every detail of our rape/domestic violence/abusive childhood. Sometimes we have to PAY for that therapy, because whilst all this is happening, the NHS is also being dismantled. We work like Hell to survive. I’m sorry I can’t hold down a job, Dave, I’m just too busy trying not to kill myself.

The government wants us to work or die, without giving a flying fuck which way we go. We can sign petitions but we need your help, we need the voice of all humanity (if it still exists) to say this isn’t fair. To strike back even if it doesn’t effect you. We need you to shout for us, to shout with us, because we are fucking drowning,

A design for life

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