So, 2015, what a beast of a year!


+ Sherlocked
+ Doctor Who Festival
+ Tim Minchin hugs
+ Andrew Scott hugs
+ theatre trips
+ friends


– being put back on the psych ward
– psychotic/depressive episodes
– having antipsychotics injected into my ass every other week (but + they seem to be working…)
– two bouts of pancreatitis resulting in two hospital stays and numerous A&E visits
– gallbladder surgery
– eye casualty drama that could potentially lead to more surgery
– fallout with friends
– being so far away from a certain someone
– fandom drama

I failed to complete most of my 2015 goals but I have had a little success. I finally, FINALLY quit smoking completely (including ecigs and NRT) in May so I’ve been smoke free for over six months. I’m so fucking happy! (And a bit proud of myself if that’s allowed!)

2016 goals;

– read more.

– write more.

– start and finish my first Open University module (super anxious about that!)

– (re) become vegetarian.

– get back into photography, maybe even join the local society if I get a shot of courage!

– become stable on my meds (although there’s not much *I* can do about that because, y’know, chemicals! I’d like to have fewer/less frequent changes.)

– continue therapy, be more honest in therapy, play some of the cards I’ve been holding close to my chest.

– take a ‘pilgrimage’ back to That Place Where That Bad Thing Happened, leave some flowers, sharpie something or just cry my heart out for ten minutes. (I have been able to go past it on the bus a couple of times this year, so y’know, PROGRESS!)

– spend more time with good people.

– waste less time on people who suck the oxygen right out of me.

– stay out of debt

Annnnnd that’s it!

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